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Translating ideas and engaging people in an innovative and dynamic way. Motion Animação is a company specialized in producing animated videos. Through them it is possible to establish effective, clear and objective communication.

Animated video is an excellent digital marketing tool for promoting multiplatform services, products, and ideas.


Why do you need a Animated Video?

Did you know that, on average, a person retains only 10% of the information she hears, but up to 50% of what she sees?  According to surveys, more than 70% of Internet users watch videos frequently. And 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer video about it. Videos boost visibility on Google. Just texts and photos will not help you to appear among the first options in an organic search.

What is the Animated Video production process?

1. Idea

First a briefing meeting is held to find out what the essential message the animation should convey.

2. Script

The script is developed from the briefing.

3. Storyboard

Once the script is approved, we will create a storyboard in which you will visualize each part of the video

4. Finalization

 As soon as the storyboard is approved, we start the animation.

We basically work with two formats:

Storytelling and Infographic.

Storytelling: It involves animation of characters, scenarios, icons and texts. It always tells a story and it is very efficiente regarding communication, as it has a more playful appeal

Infographics: it is more direct and objective. Icons and texts are responsible for passing on an idea. Normally, this type of animation does not require narration, for the information is in animated texts.


Check out our portfolio and the different applications of an animated video:

Explainer Vídeo

It talks about products and services, shows how they work and what their advantages are. It has a more commercial focus as it aims to publicize the business.

Content Video

It's a different way of producing content for blogs, fan pages and websites. Through animation it is possible to differ from others by presenting the information in a more objective and attractive way.

Promotional Video

Efficient to promote product and service promotions across various platforms:  whatsapp, facebook, instagram. Grab the attention of your customers through
differentiated digital marketing.

Institutional Video

It talks about the company, its history, its  legacy, its mission, its commitment to
the community.

Open Ers

Vignettes are used on YouTube channels or at event openings to impart motion to a brand.

Video Clip

Animation is always a good resource for making a music clip. Moreover, it is a more accessible alternative that is super-efficient in publicizing the work.


Mobilizing, engaging and attracting people's attention to relevant causes.
Animated video informs, communicates and attracts attention in a dynamic and creative way.

Motion has innovated once more. 20 seconds-your own  way  videos . You prepare the script, choose  the icons and we animate it for you.

A format that  can be used in all social medias through an objective and dynamic language

Whatch other videos on our Youtube Channel:
Videos for Startups

We have grown! Today we are able to meet the needs of different market sectors without losing expertise to leverage the growth of startups. Companies that often offer complex technologies, but face the challenge of explaining their business simply and directly. Through animation, we present how applications or systems work, their purpose and their impact on people’s lives or companies. All this is done in order to increase brand visibility and maximize results and profitability. Another difference of Motion is that we have partnerships with accelerators from all over the country. Our vision is to be an animation reference in this sector.


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